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Here are a list of veterinarians we are recommending based on various aspects including professionalism and level of care and attention given.

Some are recommended based on our personal experience while others based on overall feedback for efficiency and charges.

Ensure your pet receives the professional care with any of these veterinarian clinics or hospitals whether it's for a routine check-up, standard medical procedure or emergency treatment (this is a non-sponsored post): 1. The Cat Clinic

Doctor Geetha Nellinathan (and her veterinarian team) has an obvious love for cats and her compassion towards them is apparent in the way she handles them for consultation and treatment, sometimes keeping longer hours to ensure her patients are all taken care of and consistently putting the needs of the cats above her own break and meal times.

2. The Animal Clinic

Together with the experienced vets at The Cat Clinic, The Animal Clinic is part of the family within the same group and provide professional treatment and care for pets like your dogs and cats (among other household pets).

3. Companion Animal Surgery (24-Hour Facility)

With a team of medical professionals including doctors that work around the clock, pets that are placed in the hospital’s care receive 24-hour careful monitoring and feeding. The vets are also sensitive to the needs of the little ones, with invaluable years of professional experience under the collective belt of this animal hospital.

4. Allpets & Aqualife Clinic

Experienced with small animals like hamsters, chinchillas and rabbits (on top of dogs, cats and exotic animals) you can be assured of a professional medical team to care for your pets. Also available are hospitalisation services and surgery.

5. Monster Pet Vet

Monster Pet Vet is known for their experience with small (and large) pets and have years of experience under its medical team's belt. Equally endearing to how their name came about, the level of professional care and attention given to your pets is assured.

6. Island Veterinary Clinic

Island Veterinary Clinic has a team of dedicated medical professionals who are experienced with large and small pets, even chinchillas. Their rates are also reasonable especially for feline sterilisation, and come highly recommended by some customers who have shared experiences.

For urgent veterinarian services required in the West area, please contact Westside Emergency veterinarian clinic

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