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Our Appreciation

As a gesture of our appreciation to the good homes that open up to our small pets, Little Heroes’s membership is made available to owners who have purchased rabbits, chinchillas or guinea pigs with us.

Our pioneer group of customers who have loyally supported us since our inception in September 2018, also enjoys automatic priority for deliveries and other concierge services.

For the time being, we are focused mainly on providing a prioritised concierge to these owners so our small pets can continue to receive the best care that loving homes provide.

Our quality assurance to non-members however, does not waiver, as we continue to do our best to fulfill your pet care needs.

We thank you for your enquiries on signing up for our membership, and will update you if we do make one available for signing up, moving forward.

Little Heroes appreciates your continued support and we look forward to progressively grow in our pet care journey, together.

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