As part of your membership, you will enjoy discounted delivery fees and lower minimum order amount for delivery.


It’s simple, your minimum order amount is reduced by $5.00, to ensure the necessary monthly food and hygiene essentials are delivered for your pets on time.

This means your minimum order for delivery is e.g. $35 instead of $45 for the minimum order.

Also as part of a membership perk, you can opt for a Monthly Supplies Subscription, where you can enjoy a fixed monthly delivery and have a peace of mind knowing your pets’ food and hygiene supplies are fulfilled monthly.

Monthly Supplies Subscription: How It Works:

Typical necessities include:

  • Timothy hay

  • Teeth wearing treats (e.g. apple sticks for chinchillas, timothy hay sticks for rabbits, etc.)

  • Recycled paper litter (for toilet. If it takes 2 months to go through 1 pack, we can scale it to make it a 1-month supply)

  • Pee pads (packed in quantities of 25 or 50 pcs)

  • Dust bath (for chinchillas)

  • Treats (organic herbs based on your selection, e.g. dandelion leaves, seedless rosehips, etc. / other treats)

  • Disinfectant refill

Monthly subscription packages are customisable from the first month, so once it's fixed you'll know how much you're spending for your pets monthly, without much deviation after (add-ons for extras, etc.). Also, Timothy hay is available in bulk discounted purchase from a minimum of 4kg onwards (if you have more than 3 pets, this is a good way to save some on hay).

With this perk, you can enjoy a peace of mind knowing your monthly pet expenditure.


The deliveries will then be made monthly, within a period of no more than 3-5 days difference for each calendar month (e.g. 1 July, 3 August, etc.).

Should you opt for this, let us know and we will help you work out a basic package based on your pets’ needs, with the best care you can provide for them.