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Thank you for embarking on your pet care journey with us!

At Little Heroes, membership is given to owners who purchase a chinchilla, rabbit or guinea pig from us.

As our way of showing appreciation, our membership is currently not for sale, and as a member with us, here are the perks you will enjoy as priority:

  • Grooming - for your chinchillas, rabbits and guinea pigs, you will enjoy a discounted grooming (base) rate for your pets!

  • Boarding - discounted daily rates for your pets, so you know when you’re travelling or busy with home renovation, your pets are back in a familiar environment with 24hr air-conditioning and pampered with love!

  • Concierge - as part of our concierge service to both members and non-members, we provide vet and grooming transport services (1-way and 2-ways), and as a member if you require a veterinarian appointment for a routine check-up for your pet, we will help you to make an appointment with a preferred / recommended vet!

  • Delivery - you’ll enjoy a slightly lower minimum order amount for delivery with a competitive delivery fee, as our way to say thank you for continuing to provide good care to your pets!

  • Prioritised Promotions - you’ll be kept updated from time to time with members-only promotions, or enjoy discounts for selected products, that you can enjoy, for your pets!

  • Monthly Food & Hygiene Subscription - members can enjoy a monthly supplies subscription (we will work out a monthly package with you) and have a peace of mind knowing your pets’ supplies are fulfilled monthly!

We thank you for your continued support, and growing with us in our pet care journey together!

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