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rabbit diet & general care

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Rabbits can be playful and loving, and make a great addition for a loving household.

Aside from their cute cuddly natures, it’s important to take note of their diet and environment.

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Learn about pet care through our blog, make a grooming or boarding reservation, browse our pets gallery (on Instagram) for the tiny paws that have graced our premises, or shop essentials to provide some of the best for your littlest ones.

Part of our core value is to include a curation policy that includes products that are largely either vet recommended or vet approved.

Due to the sensitive health of small animals, we have streamlined our SKUs to offer safer and healthier products for feeding and disinfecting, for your littlest pets.

While we strive to achieve a higher ratio of vet-recommended, pet-safe products, we are working towards expanding our products list based on the above criteria.

Because of the love they give us, they too, deserve our very best.

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mazuri chinchilla diet (2.5lbs)

Provide your chinchillas with your best.


 curation policy 

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Because we care for and carry chinchillas, rabbits, guinea pigs and hamsters, Little Heroes is also focused on bringing a range of vet recommended / vet approved diets and products to your littlest pets.

Pets often bring laughter to a family, and some go beyond that, by helping to provide emotional support and companionship to those in need. Likewise they deserve our care and a proper diet to help optimise their quality of life, because love goes both ways.


Our little heroes are no less than family - they are small animals with big hearts.

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